3 Lessons Learned from Scot Wingo’s Holiday Playbook

August 29, 2017

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He’s made his list, now you’ve got to check it twice.

Last week, ChannelAdvisor co-founder and executive chairman, Scot Wingo, held our annual holiday planning webinar to kick off the busiest season of the year for retailers — and things are looking good for e-commerce retailers.

All of the strategies and action items included in this year’s Holiday Playbook are data driven, actionable, and, most importantly, help retailers move the needle and see results. Check out the slide deck below for a high-level view of Scot’s presentation.

This year’s playbook was broken down into three main strategy categories — read on for key takeaways from each approach.

Consumer Behavior Driven Strategies

Have you seen fulfillment as a recurring topic in your feeds lately? That’s no accident. One of the biggest consumer trends changing the e-commerce landscape right now is the demand for fast, free shipping. There’s no denying it — free shipping is table stakes and retailers need to play to win.

Consider this: Last year, over 80% of the orders shipped through our platform over Cyber Five shipped for free — a 14.2% increase YoY.

Sellers need to be making strategic fulfillment decisions in order to stay on top of the competition this year. For Amazon sellers, that means being strategic with your FBA decisions over these next 90 days. The last thing you want is to lose your Prime eligibility days before the winter holidays. If you sell on eBay, consider opting into their new Guaranteed Delivery program that launches in a few weeks.

Are you a brand with solid Prime eligibility? Prime Now is a great way to get your most popular SKUs in front of those last-minute holiday shoppers.

And it’s not too late to consider other same-day delivery options! Retailers are partnering with services like Uber Rush, Postmates, Google Express and others to ensure that consumers are getting their products quickly and efficiently.

Device-Driven Strategies

Mobile, mobile, mobile. Get ready to hear that word a lot this holiday season.

As foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores dwindles down, consumers are spending increasingly more time shopping online and on their mobile phones. Our own data shows that last year, mobile orders grew to account for over 50% of all online orders on every day during Cyber Five except Cyber Monday (but mobile still accounted for over 40% of total sales).

What does that mean for sellers? That mobile is more than a simple checkbox on your holiday to-do list. It’s true that shoppers aren’t exclusively shopping on their phones — most modern consumers are multi-platform shoppers — but retailers still need to ensure that their site is as multiplatform as possible.

That doesn’t mean going out and developing an entire app. You don’t have time for that. Instead, it’s all about testing, testing, testing. Consider testing your site across various devices: iOS and Android. How does your content display on an iPhone 6? What about an iPhone 7 Plus? What about on the Google Pixel? How many taps does it take for a shopper to buy your product? Testing ensures that you eliminate as much friction as you can for your customers.

Channel-Driven Strategies

Listen, e-commerce is a zero-sum game. If you’re only selling on a single channel, and your customers are shopping for the same products somewhere else, you’re missing out. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, we all know that Amazon takes up a large chunk of the e-commerce pie. To be exact, it took up 53% of that pie in 2016. But that means that there’s still 47% of a multi-billion dollar pie that’s distributed across the multitude of other online shopping channels out there.

It all boils down to the fact that the more channels you’re selling on, the more shots on goal you have to get consumers to buy your products.

Watch the Full Webinar for More

We’ve just covered three critical pages in Scot’s Holiday Playbook, but wait — there’s more! Whether you missed last week’s live webinar or just want to watch it again, we’ve made it available on-demand so that you can reference it again and again over these next few busy months.