2015 Best of the Blog: What Did You Miss?

December 27, 2015

E-commerce can change in an instant.

When thinking back on all of the headlines, industry growth and technological innovation that occurred over the past year, it can be overwhelming. Do you remember where you were a year ago? Maybe you were still using Amazon Product Ads. Maybe you hadn’t yet diversified your product lines. Maybe you were still tinkering with the idea of listing on international marketplaces.

A lot can change in 12 months. Heck, a year ago, Jet.com didn’t even exist.

At ChannelAdvisor, we like to use our blog to keep retailers, brands, analysts — and anyone else with a stake in e-commerce — abreast of all changes within the industry. And along the way, we like to sprinkle in tips, tactics, how-to’s and other strategies to help retailers be seen and sell more.

‘Tis the season for recaps, so we thought we’d put together a list of the most popular posts of the past year.

What did you miss in 2015?

1. Google Reportedly Launching a Buy Button

A lot of jaws dropped in the world of e-commerce in May when The Wall Street Journal scooped the possibility that Google was going to be launching a “buy” button on mobile product ads. The news was true, and ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz broke down what it meant for retailers and brands and why everyone should be excited. In July, ChannelAdvisor announced that we would officially be participating in the Purchases on Google program and how it worked.

2. Jet.com: Taking Off, Full Throttle

Jet was an extremely hot topic in 2015. After launching in July to much fanfare, many in the industry wondered if the new marketplace could live up to the hype. In September, David Spitz caused a lot of ears to perk up when he laid out some of the exciting early Jet numbers — based on GMV from ChannelAdvisor customers.

3. eBay’s New Product Identifier Requirements a Win-Win for Sellers

On June 29, product identifiers on eBay — including brand name, manufacturer part number (MPN) and different global trade item numbers (GTINs), such as UPC, EAN or ISBN — became required for new listings of branded items in new and manufacturer-refurbished condition within many categories. In this post, we offered clarification of what this meant for our customers, as well as links to resources to better understand the situation and how to take advantage of it.

4. Move Over AmazonSupply. Here Comes Amazon Business: Navigating Amazon’s New B2B Marketplace

In April, Amazon announced the new Amazon Business in the United States, a revamp of AmazonSupply that’s open to third-party sellers to create a more seamless user experience for business buyers. In this post, we took a look at how Amazon Business will work from both a buying and selling perspective and what we think the new marketplace means for e-commerce.

5. The State of E-Commerce for Brands: How Manufacturers Work with Amazon

This year, ChannelAdvisor collaborated with Retailing Today to survey 347 branded manufacturer representatives on a range of issues related to the changing retail landscape, new methods of distribution and key operational challenges. In this post, we dug into the nitty-gritty of the results and the specific aspects relating to how consumer brands work with Amazon.

6. RIP, Amazon Text Ads

Out with the old, in with the new — and then back out with the new. Pretty much sums up Amazon’s advertising endeavors in 2015, huh? We took to the blog to break down the rollercoaster ride that Amazon took retailers on this year. From its sunset announcement of the popular Product Ads program, to the quick rise and fall of Amazon Text Ads in October.

In an industry that changes every day, a lot can change in a year. That was only a few highlights. Think about what you might have missed if you weren’t plugged in.

If you’re not already subscribed to the blog, make it your first resolution of 2016. So that 12 months from now, you won’t be asking yourself “what happened last year?”