2014 User Conference Follow-Up: Optimizing for EBay

September 15, 2014

This afternoon, at our 2014 User Conference East, senior product manager Jenny Hock and engineering manager Marshall Smith offered expert tips for optimizing your listings on eBay. See below for a recap!

Get Listed — Implement best practices for listing on eBay

  • Standard Schedule is a new type of schedule rolled out last month. It allows you to list as many items as you’d like without the split the schedule view. The 25K limit has been removed.

  • Auto Match takes a complicated set of posting templates and condenses them to a single posting template that you can use for all of your items. ChannelAdvisor’s system takes this information to fill in category-based item specifics for eBay, so that your items are be better found when buyers are searching.

  • EBay Business Policies take shipping, payment and returns information off the individual items as you send to eBay. For example, one class of your products has a 30 day return policy and another set has no return policy because item is sold as is. A different business policy can simply be applied to each product set.

Be Seen — optimise for maximum exposure

It’s crucial that your listings are optimised for the mobile experience because 45% of eBay users connect with the marketplace via a mobile device. Hock recommends keeping mobile versions of your site simple — no distracting backgrounds or lengthy product descriptions.

  • Responsive Design Description Template includes code to detect the device screen size, which then adjusts for width in order to avoid horizontal scrolling.

  • Customized Specifics allow you to provide product definition and statistical information to help consumers make a satisfied buying decision. Additionally, this will minimize the actual product description.

  • Actionable Retail Insights enhance your listings based on recommendations from eBay. Pay attention to these insights as they represent opportunities for improvement. The order in which Hock recommends tackling your insights are:

  1. Item specifics

  2. eTRS Plus Badge

  3. Image recommendations

  4. Title recommendations

  5. Category recommendations

  6. UPC recommendations

  7. Global Shipping Program recommendations

  8. Price recommendations

Compete – Understand your competition and increase your conversions

Defect rates aren’t fun for anyone involved. Minimize your defect rate by evaluating your Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) on a monthly basis, or more.

Remember, if a refund is issued for a returned item that didn’t go through the Hassle Free/Managed Returns, it results in a defect! Disputes are auto created for eBay refunds where:

  • Order has been marked as shipped

  • No pre-existing disputes

  • Refund amount is at least 100% of line item value

Additional questions or didn’t get a chance to talk with one of our experts today? Email info@channeladvisor.com. We hope everyone enjoyed today’s event! Be sure to tag your social posts and/or Instagram pics with our event hashtag #ECOMuser.


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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