2013 Autumn Release: More Geographies, More Devices, More Insights

September 25, 2013

Autumn release
Today we’ve unveiled our 2013 Autumn Release, which is all about “Taking you where commerce goes.” Consumers want global products. They shop
using multiple devices. This means retailers need to sell across
borders, convert no matter the device and get and act upon data to
constantly improve performance.

Highlights from the release:

  • Improved and actionable insights into performance on paid search, Amazon and eBay, with access to customizable reporting and dashboard
  • customised support for more devices through Google Enhanced Campaigns and bidding tools designed to maximise ROI across browsers and devices
  • Access to more geographies through support for new marketplaces: Amazon China, Amazon Japan, Tesco in the UK as well as Best Buy in the US

Find out all the details on our Autumn Release Webinar:

Autumn release webinar
Autumn Release Webinar

Wednesday, October 9th
11:00 AM EDT


Or download the Autumn Release Bundle that contains:

  • Autumn Release Overview
  • Autumn Release eBook
  • Actionable Retail Insights Overview

We’re looking forward to sharing with retailers how ChannelAdvisor is taking them everywhere commerce is going.