$15MM Series C Injection for TheFind to be announced Thursday

July 11, 2007

170 million products.

500,000 stores indexed.

TheFind has a strong lead as a lifestyle goods product search engine, now boasting 70,000 to 80,000 uniques a day

You may remember that TheFind recently announced a deal with PayPal to power product search for exclusively PayPal stores.

We spoke with Siva today and he said that TF will continue this trend and gain distribution / traffic through similar partnerships in the future.

He also said one of the key focuses with the new funding will be to improve their search technology — which already has a strong lead — and continue to add products from across the Web.  The relevance of TheFind’s search engine is probably the most advanced amongst CSEs today, uncovering hard-to-find products like lingerie (thanks to our friend Matt Marshall over at VentureBeat for the example).

Lots of shopping sites are attempting to widgetize / go social, but Siva also mentioned that their core focus is search — the rest will come later.


The investment, to be announced Thursday, was led by Bain Capital Ventures, a firm who  has a track record of investing in the online shopping space.  You may remember that they were an investor in Shopping.com and also have strong connections to large retailers.  This will surely give the CSE an advantage in scoring some key partnerships.

What does this mean for merchants?  TheFind isn’t going away anytime soon, it’s becoming more visible every day, and it’ll be a good place to reach women since they comprise 70 percent of all unique visitors to the site.

Furthermore, since the company doesn’t accept payments for merchants to show up in results, there’s practically no downside — and potentially lots of upside — for being found on…TheFind.

Written by Scott Hurff.  scott.hurff AT channeladvisor (that’s dot com).