Yahoo Helping You to Help Themselves

January 7, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

For all advertisers that are not running on an Insertion
Order, Yahoo has made a change to their T’s & C’s giving them authorization to make changes to your account.  These changes can include: creating ads,
adding or removing keywords, or ‘optimising your account.’

Here at ChannelAdvisor, we are all about working with the
Engines to maximise performance of our clients.
However, these recommendations always need to be taken with a grain of
salt.  The Engine’s goal is to push Ad
Spend which may not always be the best for your ROI.

On a positive note, these changes are emailed to the main
user on the account (although, after the fact) and they will make
‘commercially reasonable efforts’ to reverse the change’s that you specify.

Our recommendations are to do the following:

-Monitor your spend on a daily basis and look for
irregular activity.  If you notice a
spike in Impressions, Clicks, or Cost, dive into your account and take

-Check your account settings in yahoo and make sure that
they have your email address in the system.

-If you do not see any irregular activity in your account, but receive the email with these changes, review and
only send back changes that you think are not in your best interest.  If you need more details, Yahoo should be able
to provide specifics upon requests.

* For all users running on our Search platform, make sure to have the “Automatically track the campaigns, categories, and keywords that are entered at the provider” button checked within the ‘Configure AutoTrack” setting in the Settings tab.  This will not only bring in all of the keywords added directly at the engines, it will tie one of your ABM rules to it, which will in turn take action on the keyword to make sure it performs to your ROI objectives.

Written by andrew.belsky(at)channeladvisor(dot)com