Why is Google+ Important to Retailers?

January 13, 2012

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Anyone in search marketing this week has likely seen many an article about Google’s new “Search, Plus Your World” feature—which, according to Google, is supposed to make search more personal by surfacing photos, links, posts from your friends.

There’s been quite the uproar online over whether or not Google is being fair/legal with its results given that other social networks are not included in the results.  Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land has a great article that dives deeply into this issue.

So, why does this matter to retailers?

Let’s say “Jane” searches in Google for a “cotton t-shirt.”  It just so happens that several of Jane’s friends bought one recently on Jockey.com (now a ChannelAdvisor Paid Search customer too), and they +1’d the products on the Jockey site.  Jane is likely going to go directly to Jockey from the Google+ link, especially since it’s recommended by her friends that she trusts.

Jockey Google+ Result

This is not an opportunity to be missed. Whether or not there are any legal ramifications for Google, it is still the most commonly used search engine (69% worldwide begin their search with Google according to our Consumer Shopping Habits Survey).   

So now is the time to ramp up on Google+.

  • Claim your Google+ page (and make sure you add the code , start posting content (pictures are great) and set up Direct Connect (allows people to type in “+YOURNAMEHERE” and go directly to your Google+ page.
  • People can also “+1” your Google+ page.
  • Start expanding your circles.  Unfortunately you can’t add anyone to your circle until they’ve added you to theirs or they have mentioned you. You can add the Google+ badge to your website too and encourage people to add you via your website and other social channels.
  •  Add the ability to “+1” your products NOW! When someone +1’s a product it shows up on their Google+ stream—where it can be indexed by Search for Your World or re-shared by others in that circle.
  • Add social extensions to your search ads to share the +1 from your Google+ Brand Page and your AdWords ads.
  • Considering adding “+1” to any display ads you’re doing as well to provide another convenient way to “+1” your brand or your product.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this new search as it develops so check back for further updates.

Blog post by Jackie Jenkins, Global Manager, Search Services