Utilizing the Google Advanced Bidding Feature with a 3rd Party ABM

July 21, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Automating bid management for your paid search campaign can play a key role in optimising your ROI and while minimizing the time you have to spend analyzing individual keyword bids.  While just about every 3rd party paid search management software utilises some sort of ABM, they usually focus on bidding at the keyword level.

Google’s advanced bidding feature can compliment an ABM by allowing you to select campaigns that you would like to increase/decrease bids based on dayparting.  You can access this feature through the “Settings” tab at the campaign level in Adwords.  In the new Google UI, go to “Advanced Settings” section and select “Ad Scheduling”.  From there, you can increase/decrease your bids by the percentage of your choice as well as time and day.

A frequent question is – “What happens if Google changes my bids and my ABM reverts them back?”  Here is your answer….

The Advanced Bidding feature will begin at the time you select. If you select a day, then it will begin at midnight in the time zone of the
account and run through the entire day. The bidding is associated with the account time zone and not with individual campaign targeting.

Every time you change the bid during the day/time selected for Advanced Bidding, either manually or through an ABM, the Advanced Bidding rule will apply. For instance, if you set the Advanced Bidding to increase 10% on Saturday and Sunday, and then you change a bid during the day on Saturday, a 110% multiplier will be applied to the new bid you set.

Therefore, every time your ABM updates your bid, Google will then add the multiplier on top of that bid.

Written by Dennis Hayes (dennis.hayes at channeladvisor.com)