Top Shoe Brand Sees 100% YoY Google Shopping Growth

May 4, 2016

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When you hear about a company that grew 100% on any channel from one year to the next, you probably assume it’s a startup, right? Well-established global brands just don’t see that rate of growth. But it’s happening to one of the world’s top shoe brands right now on Google Shopping. For our purposes here, we’ll call the company “Brand X.”

So how did they do it? By joining forces with digital marketing experts on ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Services team.

Google Merchant Promotions

With no ad text or sitelink/callout extensions available on Google Shopping, Merchant Promotions are one of the only features you have at your disposal to make your listings stand out from the competition. The special offer link immediately draws the shopper’s attention.

After working closely with Brand X to draw up an aggressive promotional strategy, we’ve seen a 100% year-over-year growth in revenue from its Google Shopping campaigns to go along with a 25% increase in overall conversion rate. As a bonus, the average order value has actually gone up, evidence that the more people save, the more they’ll spend.

Data Optimization and Landing Page Images

One of the most important Google Shopping components to get right is making sure an item’s listing is in tune with its landing page.  This means optimizing and synchronizing both the data in your Google Shopping feed and your product pages.

Most of Brand X’s products came in several colors, and shoppers select the color they want before adding it to their cart. We noticed was that while the images we were feeding to Google were the appropriate color for each listing, the default image on each landing page was typically black or brown. There are two issues with this approach: The immediate impression for many shoppers was that this wasn’t the same item that they clicked on. Also, it required an extra click to get to the color they wanted after scrolling through the list of options.

After working with Brand X, we were able to dynamically append a parameter to each landing page URL that would trigger the an image of the appropriate color to appear on the landing page, along with pre-selecting the appropriate color in the list of colors.

As a result, we saw a 22% increase in conversion rates almost immediately, along with a 23% increase in campaign efficiency across the board.

Referral URL Reports

Despite the gradual decline in traditional comparison shopping engines, there are still many of these sites that can boost your bottom line. Connexity and eBay Commerce Network are two good examples.

One difficult aspect of comparison shopping engines, though, is that you never really know where the traffic is coming from. Most CSEs rely on a network of referral sites to drive traffic, and as much as 90% of your traffic can be driven by these referral sites (as opposed to the actual engine you’re submitting your feed to).

Although these engines claim a strict compliance policy as part of being a site in its network, there are always going to be poor quality sites that exist solely for the purpose of collecting click fees. Exacerbating this issue is the fact that these engines don’t disclose their network partner sites. So there’s no way to know where the traffic is coming from and whether the traffic source is a legitimate website.

With our ChannelAdvisor tracking pixel, we were able to determine the source of Brand X’s traffic, as well as pull conversion data associated with the source. We’ve been able to identify several less-than-reputable websites driving an inordinate amount of traffic to Brand X’s site that were resulting in little to no return. We then used our contacts at these engines to block traffic from these sources.

As a result, we saw much better performance from these CSEs for Brand X. Cost went down 27%, conversion rates went up a whopping 46% and we saw a 22% improvement in campaign efficiency.


There’s a lot that goes into generating a successful digital marketing campaign, and tactics noted above are only a small part it. They are, however, some quick wins that produced great results, thanks to a close collaboration between our in-house ChannelAdvisor experts and Brand X.

Sure, you can hire an agency to run your digital marketing campaigns, send them your data and let them do the rest. But to really maximize your return, and more important, see consistent, substantial growth, working together is the best approach.

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Blog post by Andrew Hicks, campaign manager, digital marketing, ChannelAdvisor