Top 3 April Fool’s Posts (Search Marketing Version)

April 1, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

The Search Marketing community is great for a lot of things.  Expert data analysis, breaking news from the Search Engines, new best practices, and with every April Fool’s Day comes a swarm of faux posts across the blogosphere.  What some lack in comedic value is definitely made up for in creativity.  Below you’ll find the ChannelAdvisor Search Services Team’s Top 3 April Fool’s postings in the industry:

3.  Twackur by Andy Beal
As announced on his website,, Andy Beal has rebranded his Reputation Monitoring program, Trackur as ‘Twackur.’  Twackur is a new tool that monitors your reputation on Twitter.  We give Andy Beal an A for effort here, as the site looks legit and it also heavily promotes his real service, Trackur.

2.  Google Reveals Search Algorithm by David Hughes, iCrossing

Ahhh, the holy grail.  If only it were true.  David’s post reveals that Google has essentially thrown in the towel in trying to provide relevant & unspammy search results for users and has released their search algorithm to the open source community.

Drumroll please…

1.  Gmail Autopilot by Google

For anyone using Gmail, you have come to love and expect the annual April Fool’s feature.  This year’s new April Fool’s feature is called the ‘Gmail Autopilot’ which automatically manages your inbox.  Use cool calibration features to customise the style of your emails (with levers for Caps, Typos, Emoticon use, etc).  As always, Google delivers on this one, as we give it the #1 April Fool’s Post of the year.

Written by Andrew Belsky
(Andrew.Belsky at ChannelAdvisor dot com)