Tis’ The Season….For Paid Search Sales

October 5, 2011

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

We’ve been talking about the holidays a lot lately.  Google is predicting nine $1 billion dollar sales days this year, and that’s huge for retailers.  Predicting this year’s trends can be tricky so let’s start with what we know.

Google insights are showing huge increases in keyword searches including terms like sale, coupon, promotion. Everyone is looking for a deal and hoping the internet turns holiday shopping into a giant clearance bin.

SALE We also know that historical data tied to your AdWords ads plays a role in quality score and rank for both Google and Bing.

So how do savvy marketers meet these savvy shoppers in the digital marketplace? We recently posted about how changes to ads can negatively impact CTR by resetting quality score and causing a drop in position. While this is normally short lived, we’ve also seen  a more lasting impact when changing ads in Trademarked Terms campaigns.

In short, there a few tricks to helping your promotions BE SEEN.

  1. Set your ads to rotate evenly. Keep in mind the AdWords system will still favor the best performing ad based on CTR. This setting should be called “more evenly.”
  2. Fold in promotional ads and allow them to get some history before pausing the standard ads.
  3. As an additional catch all, consider putting your promotions in your site-links. In order to make sure they show, reduce the total number of sitelinks to six. Keep in mind that your ad’s average position needs to be in the top 1-2 spots reliably in order for sitelinks to show, so we recommend setting up sitelinks early on to make sure they are getting traffic. Also be aware that sometimes Google will only show 2 sitelinks so your promos may not always be getting traffic.

Additional tips on how to manage your campaigns for the holiday are available in the Paid Search Holiday Prep Boot Camp Webinar; more holiday tips to come, so stay tuned for an epic Q4!

Blog post by Jackie Jenkins, Global Manager, Search Services