The secret to reviewing your Google Shopping queries

December 12, 2012

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

As the holiday season
picks up, you’ve no doubt seen an increase in traffic on your Product Listing Ad campaigns and might be looking to optimise your spend
through the program. Many traditional methods of optimization no longer apply
due to the lack of keywords. However, with a few caveats, you can still review
the queries triggering your ads and make changes to your negative keyword lists
to manage the matches. If you’re looking for the queries in the usual place,
under your keywords tab, you won’t find them. This seems to be an area of confusion,
with even major search marketing blogs reporting that it’s not possible.  The savvy marketers
at ChannelAdvisor know that you can indeed find these queries by navigating to
the dimensions tab of your AdWords account and selecting search terms under the
“view” menu drop down!

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Blog post by Jackie Jenkins, Paid
Search Product Manager