The Freshest Shopping Engine

October 17, 2007

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Editor’s Note: This post is written by Jeff “Big Slick” Buechler, Marketing Maverick, Host of and ChannelAdvisor Employee.

Everyone is looking for the next killer app and a lot of
people have spent a lot of money trying to monetize Web 2.0. Well I have the
answer and as Paris Hilton would say, it’s hot: a celebrity endorsed shopping
engine where select products are given the star’s personal seal of approval.

What do Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and
Lindsay Lohan all have in common? Well, other than the obvious? They all have
blogs, they are all paid to endorse various products and they could all be
pitchmen on my comparison shopping engine!.On my shopping engine, tentatively
named Babezilla or Starazon… how about MovieBizRate (OK maybe the name needs
some work) celebrities would lend their likeness or a brief note about why they
like, or use a particular product.

Think about the tie-ins! Britney seen in a new wig? That
picture of her on her blog would link to my site where her many adoring fans
could go ahead and buy the same wig for themselves (I’m look at you Chris
Crocker). Did Jessica just win an Oscar for her role in Dukes of Hazzard and
you absolutely love the dress she wore to the after party? Find it here!


Movies would be dying to have promotional tie ins. The paparazzi
could provide colourful insight into the events around the occasion.

Plus it opens up all new industries that had never
considered comparison shopping engines before. A few that come immediately to
mind: rehab clinics (buy a stay where Lindsay stayed the second time around!),
body guard services, designer water (replenish your body with what Courtney
Love uses after a hard night of partying), the list is nearly endless.

This idea opens up secondary markets too. Can’t afford
designer items? Well, I have an alternative site for you: This is
where once famous celebrities can go to milk the last mileage out of their
careers. Emmanuel Lewis, Tonya Harding, Todd Briges…think of anyone on the
current reality TV shows. This is where some like me would shop for a uniform
like Gary Coleman wears. I could also buy Danny Bonaduce endorsed brand of boxing gloves,
just like he used on Celebrity Boxing!

These items can all be found on Celeb-Grabber…OK, I’ll keep
working on the name.