Takeaways from the 2014 Q1 Facebook Commerce Index

May 28, 2014

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Mark Zuckerberg has maneuvered his way into so many aspects of our lives — both personal and professional. His booming social network accounts for over 1.23 billion active monthly users, and over half of those users click the Like button on their favourite products. We’re past the controversy of whether brands should “do social media.” It now boils down to how well they do it. 2014’s Q1 Facebook Commerce Index (FBCI) highlights 25 companies that have successfully rocked Facebook commerce. Below is a case study that explores American Greetings’ Facebook success in populating and sustaining its fan base. Download the FBCI report in full to read more achievement cases, as well as:

  • How retailers should react to Facebook’s latest changes

  • Top 25 retailers by fan count

  • Top 25 retailers by fan count number growth

  • Top 25 retailers by fan count percentage growth

Deep Dive: American Greetings

Snail mail may be deemed “old fashioned” in this technology-driven society, but greeting card company American Greetings has successfully adapted. Its Facebook growth in Q1 resulted in around 888,000 Likes, a 229% increase over a three-month span.

American Greetings' VTine Posts

From “thank you” to “birthday” to “thinking of you,” greeting cards are meant for anyone and any occasion. American Greetings has a broad customer base. The greeting card giant cleverly tailors its social content to hit the sweet spots of each segment within its complex audience. For example, the focus of Valentine’s Day differs for everyone, so American Greetings created posts aimed at people in relationships and posts that had more mass appeal — even one about pets. The high engagement on each variety of Heart Day posts reflects resonation among fans.



American Greetings' Event Posts



Greeting cards are traditionally used for recognizing holidays, and American Greetings does just that with its Facebook strategy. The company not only features content on major holidays, but also zones in on popular events, such as the Boston Marathon, and not-so-well-known celebrations, such as Mr. Rogers’ birthday. This sort of content acts as unique memos that fans probably enjoy seeing in their news feeds — and  in turn share with their friends.


Lastly, there is a science behind American Greetings’ social strategy. One of the most popular card-sending occasions in the US is “thinking of you”. Most of American Greetings’ posts, not to mention the best performers, consist of inspirational quotes or words of wisdom.

American Greetings' Best Performers

Greeting cards are associated with consideration, compassion and relationship management. In today’s world, this personal affection can be as simple as text message, Facebook post or instant message. American Greetings understands technology’s impact and has crafted its Facebook content into meaningful bits that its audience devours and disseminates.

American Greetings is just one of the top 25 businesses in Q1 that has mastered the art of Facebook for retailers. To learn more about the habits of other successful retailers on Facebook, as well as recent platform changes that affect retailers, check out the Q1 2014 Facebook Commerce Index in full.


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor