Shopzilla EU Sites Mirror Bizrate Designs

October 12, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Shopzilla UK, DE and FR have changed their designs to directly mirror that of the Bizrate sites. The Shopzilla US site does not appear to have changed at all and is still quite different from the Bizrate US home page.

The changes suggest that perhaps the burden of maintaining two different sites is more trouble than it’s worth for Shopzilla in Europe. Similar layouts would certainly make site maintenance easier, as well as standardize the display advertising inventory. Though the layouts are the same, the order of categories and other content is not identical between the Shopzilla and Bizrate sites, indicating that either the content is dynamic based on user behaviour, or Shopzilla is using this opportunity to test different configurations.

This change also could be good for Shopzilla users as it seemed like the content on the old Shopzilla UK home page had been there an awfully long time.