Shopping Just Got Pinteresting… Again.

July 7, 2016

Digital Marketing Anna Torres By Anna Torres

Almost a year ago to date, Pinterest rolled out its buyable pins feature for its mobile app, officially entering further into the e-commerce space and joining the ‘buy button’ trend that swept the likes of all of the major social media players. Now, the buyable pins are finally available on the web.

But the web feature for buyable pins is only one facet of Pinterest’s latest endeavor into changing the social shopping experience. Last week, Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann announced the official debut of Shopping With Pinterest, a suite of e-commerce tools that’s arming the platform with the kind of capabilities to start putting it on the radar of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Google — and standing out from competitors like Facebook and Twitter. These new tools include a cross-platform shopping cart, merchant profiles and even search functionality that’s aided by artificial intelligence.

With the latest integration of buyable pins on the website, shoppers are given a true multi-device experience. So while you may find the perfect dining room table while browsing Pinterest on your smartphone but aren’t ready to buy, you can now save it in your shopping bag and pick up where you left off on your laptop or tablet.

You see, one of the most basic but also most crucial elements to Shopping With Pinterest is the addition of a shopping cart. It’s a standard feature for any e-commerce site, but one that other social media sites don’t boast. Combine that with merchant profiles — where users can scroll through various merchants and see what they’re offering or what they have on sale — and Pinterest is starting to show up on the radars of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Google.

We know what you’re thinking: merchant profiles, shopping carts and even cross-devicePinterest Spotlight functionality is nothing new.But Pinterest’s got another trick up its sleeve: artificial intelligence. Last year, Pinterest debuted its visual search tool — a feature that allows users to zoom in on a particular object in an image and be presented with pins that are visually similar. With the help of AI and computer vision, Pinterest can now automatically identify shoppable elements in a pin to facilitate your purchase of that perfect mid-century tripod lamp that you’ve been pining over.

All of this should be raising eyebrows with retailers, since Pinterest provides a unique shopping experience that over 100 million daily users rely on to research, plan and complete purchases. Pinterest users not only have higher average order values (AOVs) than those that shop on Facebook or Twitter, but they come to the site with a strong intent to purchase. That’s the kind of loyal user behaviour that’ll give you a very solid foundation to build up a social e-commerce empire. Or help you gear up for a possible IPO.

All eyes are on you, Pinterest.

Blog post by Anna Torres, social media and blog specialist at ChannelAdvisor

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