September 2012 UK Facebook Commerce Index (UK FBCI)

October 15, 2012

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Top Growers


September’s UK Facebook Commerce
Index is here, and the numbers did not disappoint this month! With a number of movers
and shakers in our Top 25 and many retailers showing some solid growth on
August, we’ve got some great numbers to share. Across September we recorded a
month on month increase of 5% – equivalent to 1,449,794 Likes, and many retailers had a very
strong September indeed. Not least of all is Amazon, so after months of
incredible performance, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire section of our blog
to the Marketplaces – eBay and Amazon. We’ll be tracking these two every month
and providing an update.

In addition, we also saw a new
entry to our Top 25 – something which doesn’t happen very often! Asda jumped to number 23 spot, up from just outside our Top 25 – check out our
analysis on its Facebook presence below.

Spotlight on Marketplaces

Since adding them to our Index,
eBay and Amazon have both had a very strong impact on our Top 25, demonstrating
the strength of their user community and how well this interacts with a social
channel such as Facebook. Amazon in particular has had an incredible few
months of growth on Facebook, and over September the marketplace added over 393,000 Likes –
making them the top grower by number this month once again. Even more
excitingly, Amazon jumped into the number 2 position within our Top 25 list,
shaking up the top 3 that has held strong for many, many months. Topshop are
still holding strong onto that number 1 spot, but with Amazon growing at 24%
over September compared to Topshop’s 10%,
it may not be long before Amazon steal its crown. As with every month, we ask what Amazon are doing to drive such growth, and we can seemingly
attribute this increase to is a focus on deals (especially the new Lightening
Deals), new products and tapping into the hot topics of the moment – such as a
timely post promoting the new season of Homeland available for sale on the day
of the first episode of Season 2:

Not forgetting eBay, September
was a very strong month for them as well, increasing Likes by 21% (in fact this
performance puts them at number 3 in our top growers chart behind Amazon and
Topshop).  eBay also managed to jump up
our Top 25 by three places to position 10 this month which is fantastic –
driven perhaps by promotion of their new tool “Help Me Shop”, the unveiling of
eBay’s new logo, and a £5 voucher for Facebook users.


Asda jumped into our Top 25 this month after adding an
impressive 49,000 Likes over the month of September and increasing its overall percentage by 14%. The supermarkets traditionally do well on Facebook
(again the sense of community really suits the social nature of a Facebook
page) and Asda has really tapped into this, with many of its posts
generating hundreds if not thousands of Likes.
One post in particular must have struck a chord with many of Asda’s
followers after they cut their price of fuel – generating over 11,000 Likes in
response, and nearly 2,500 shares:

As we’ve seen time and time again
through our Index, success on Facebook is often determined by connecting with
“fans” on a particular topic, and Asda seem to have this really spot on, with
personable posts, focusing on very everyday topics such as childhood sweets,
Sunday Roasts, the weather and even the Flu jab…all with a sprinkling of the
all-important competition of course!

Finally, Asda have impressed us
here at ChannelAdvisor with their “Get Cooking” app – a fantastic way to engage
users of all ages to encourage them to cook and share recipe ideas.

Another retailer who had a great
September, added 13% more Likes to its total over the month of
September, equivalent to just over 5,000 Likes.

Feelunique has a really
fantastic style and approach to its Facebook page; it’s friendly and
personable, with a really funky edge to it that suits its product range

The team post regular updates on
not only exciting new products and offers, but also on fashion/beauty related
topics such as London Fashion Week, Q&A’s with make-up artists and beauty
brand owners, and regular competitions. Also (and perhaps more importantly),
the team is very quick to questions from shoppers, which is
great to see and I’m sure gives that extra special element of service.


One of Kingfisher Group’s
flagship brands, trade supplier and DIY monolith, Screwfix, sees a healthy 9%
rise in fans this month, adding another 5,400 to its Facebook page, and
securing 12th place in our ‘Top Growers’ index for September.

This represents an encouraging
rise in fans for Screwfix who, irrespective of still being somewhat off the pace when it
comes to the Top 25 in our Index, are certainly honing its skills in
engagement – particularly with their photos and commentary aimed firmly at the
UK tradespeople!


Be it a cup of tea, full English
or imaginative company names for your local handyman, everything’s catered-for
in Screwfix’s Fanpage these days…


Seasoned Facebook Index residents, Sainsbury’s, continue
its assault on our Top 25 chart, rising one place to 17th overall.
No doubt keeping its eye on young upstarts, Asda, and taking strength from
Tesco’s recent share price woes, the grocery retailer also featured in 15th
place in our ‘Top Growers’ index, adding over 17,000 fans to its page (a 3%
growth from August).

Engagement seems to be – as ever – high on the agenda for
Sainsbury’s, with National Curry Week and Hallowe’en being seasonal and
relevant vehicles for soliciting customer feedback and comment.

What is particularly clever with
this line of seemingly casual questioning is that Sainsbury’s is constantly
gleaning product-related information from potential consumers – most likely
with a view to developing and broadening its in-store (and online) offering.
This is a great example of direct marketing with a relatively low cost base,
and imaginative angle.

It would be interesting to
perhaps monitor the fans’ responses to these questions, and conduct your own
investigation to see if those particular curries or Hallowe’en outfits ended up
your local store!

Pine Solutions/Cotswold Company















And finally, a special mention to new entrants in our ‘Top Growers’ Index, the little-known Blackbird Retail Holdings’ twin homewares retailers, These two – separate – brands
have been somewhat under the radar for the last couple of years, having
concentrated on perfecting their offering, and ensuring that the right people
were there to take the businesses to the next level.

Indeed, they’ve certainly done so
with respect to our Facebook Index, seeing a 26% and 15% increase in fans over
the last month – impressively, whilst the total fan numbers are still relatively
low (1,123 and 75 at time of writing), there’s no doubt that competitions have
proven an effective way of generating those extra numbers.

We look forward to seeing how
these two newbies fare in the coming months!