Selling Paid Search

February 6, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

I’ve been in the Paid Search world for a long time (8+ years) so I have definitely seen a lot in my day.  One thing that I have always seen and continue to see are agencies and vendors out there that are promising 3,4,5-10x year over year growth if the prospect chooses them for the business.

Unfortunately there are very few instances when this is actually possible, here are a few examples:

-The client’s account is a complete mess and they are not bidding on a majority of terms they should
-They are a fairly well known brand and not currently buying brand terms
-They make some game-changing adjustment on one of the Four P’s

So, a few takeaways here

1.)  When you come across one of these vendors that promises to decrease cost and 2x your Revenue, think again.  As the saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.  I would recommend pressing them a little bit on how exactly they will deliver it.  If they say, they’re going to craft laser-focused ad copy which will drop your CPC in half or they have some whiz-bang keyword generator that’s going to magically create millions of targeted, high traffic keywords, make them back these statements up with numbers or case studies.

2.)  Get client references.  See what kind of growth their client’s have experienced.  You obviously can’t expect the other company to release actual numbers, but most companies will share percentages.

At ChannelAdvisor, we will
never promise unrealistic goals.  Early in the engagement, we have a
goals discussion where clients usually tell us what they are expecting
from the program and we A) talk them down if they are unrealistic and
then, B) discuss how we are going to get there.  We basically shoot for
somewhere above Industry Averages and what the client expects to see.

Written by Andrew Belsky (andrew.belsky at channeladvisor dot com)