Retrevo is a great example of the niche CSE

January 2, 2008

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

When I spoke with Jon Glick of about the site’s latest redesign, he reiterated that the site’s mission was to “give people all the information they need to make ideal buying
decisions.”   In other words, the more product information people have, the more qualified they’ll be as merchant referrals.

Retrevo is a niche consumer electronics CSE launched in much the same spirit.  The site aggregates user manuals, user ratings, “expert ratings,” forums, blogs, and, of course, shopping referrals. Retrevo has been live for about a year now.

What’s unique about Retrevo is that it doesn’t stop with simply aggregating relevant material — it assembles the breadth of information into a usable, standardized, simple product rating called a “Product Snapshot.”

Retrevo’s Product Snapshot maps your TV, camera, or other search onto a price / feature matrix and places the item in question within a tier like “better than average feature set in mid-range” or something akin to this — also including whether the community’s reviews stack up to a positive, neutral or negative endorsement.

Retrevo is also a sign of bigger things to come in the CSE industry — vertical search engines specifically tailored for products used by clearly-defined audiences.  It’s almost like using Game Genie on your old NES…Retrevo lets you shortcut it to the relevant stuff in the quickest way possible.

The site is powered by Yahoo! Shopping on the product search side.

Written by Scott Hurff — scott.hurff at channeladvisor