Performance By Search Engine

January 26, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

We frequently get questioned here as to how each Search Engine performs in terms of ROI.  Very good question, instinct says Google will be the far and away ahead of the pack followed by MSN (because everyone says the ROI is good on MSN) and then Yahoo bringing it up the rear, because Yahoo has been taking a beating for some time.  I also included ASK here, and I think the general consensus on ASK is that it’s an even lower ROI then Yahoo.

So here are the results of looking at our Client Portfolio:


ERS is a ChannelAdvisor metric which is Cost/Revenue.

In terms of ROI, MSN is the winner followed by Google and Yahoo tied at 14%, then lastly ASK.  There are some considerations to think of when reviewing this data:

  • There are advertisers that have a higher ERS and only run on Google
  • Lead Generation clients have one hard-coded revenue value for each lead (usually a small revenue number)
  • Several advertisers are only running Brand on MSN or not running on MSN at all

Takeaways from this are:  Run on MSN, There IS opportunity on Yahoo, ASK needs more traffic and definitely more buyers.