Paid Search Strategies: Structuring Your Campaigns

March 4, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

There are literally an
unlimited number of different variations you can use to structure your Paid
Search account.  We’ve seen new accounts where everything is lumped into
one “General” Campaign, and we have seen some with
100 Campaigns that have no consistent organisation.  You could say
we’ve seen it all.

What we have found works
best for our accounts is aligning the Campaigns with your
website structure.  This allows for efficiency in locating specific
keywords, identifying gaps in keyword coverage (and therefore product
coverage,) and enables the deployment of targeted promotions (ex- 20% off sale
on Baseball Fan Gear).

In addition to the website
structured campaigns, you should have additional Campaigns for:

Brand:  You never want this
campaign budget to cap out
General:  Can include competitor terms or branding terms
Top Terms: Break out top 20 terms and put each into it’s own Ad Group to
laser target your ad copy
Content: You should always be testing the Content Network to find
the right formula for success, whether keyword-targeted, site-targeted, image
ads or any combination thereof, does the trick.

Let us know your feedback
or any other campaign structure that has worked for you!

Written by Andrew Belsky
(andrew.belsky at channeladvisor dot com)