More social shopping

January 30, 2008

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

This article from the La Crosse Tribune sums up the social shopping segment well.  I’d recommend a quick read.

Many users find it utterly addicting, logging on at least daily to see
products that other people are looking for or have discovered. These
members say the shopping lists their fellow users post are often funky,
personal elements of self-expression, as much as that may sound like an
overly exalted way of describing what is, after all, consumption.

“We want to create a million mini Oprah Winfreys,” said ThisNext CEO
Gordon Gould. “Why is she powerful? Because people think she’s genuine,
she’s authentic. She’s giving recommendations from the heart. We’re
(doing that and) scaling that across every product category across the

Scott Hurff