March 2012 ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index (FBCI)

May 7, 2012

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

As we’ve seen over the past 13 months, engagement is a crucial part of social commerce, and the retailers that showed up on last month’s FBCI did just that – successfully engaged fans. While many of the usual suspects held their positions on the FBCI charts, there are a few new retailers and new social tactics that deserve some recognition. The phenomenon that is Apple Inc. continued to gain fans against all odds, without social chatter or product promotions. It’s shocking.

For most other retailers, gathering fans is a strategic accomplishment. Burberry and made significant jumps onthe Top Growers charts, while and eFaucets topped the Top Percentage Growers chart. Read on for more details on how these four retailers made their mark on the social scene in March.


Burberry is a distinct, high-fashion brand that exudes classic style, even on Facebook. In March, the British apparel and accessories company ranked fourth on the Top Growers chart, adding more than 970,000 fans and climbing 13 spots since February.

Burberry FBCI March also made a significant jump on the Top Growers chart, jumping 16 spots. Ranking sixth on March’sindex, added more than 633,000 fans in March through product promotions and deal advertisements.

Amazon FBCI March increased its fan count by a whopping 1523% in March mostly through the promotion of various giveaways and special offers. FBCI March

For a more detailed analysis of how Burberry,, and many more retailers made big strides on Facebook in the month of March, download the full March 2012 Facebook Commerce Index now.

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