Live Blogging from 2013 Catalyst Americas: Google Keynote

May 1, 2013

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

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Speaker: Sameer Samat

Title: Partnering with Retailers to Build a Multi-Screen Shopping Experience-by Google

World changing at a dramatic pace:  His 2-year old thinks he’s messing with him since his laptop isn’t touch screen.  His nephew has never seen a land line phone.

Consumer expectations are changing just as quickly.

Knowledge Graph: catalogueueue of people places and things in the world..facts about them and relationship between them.

Producing a better answer around a user’s query:  Query provides map, address, phone number, reviews for search for “M Resort,” for example.

Google Shopping Goals:

  • Connect users w/ best place to buy online or offline
  • Create new opportunities for retailers

Our role, “what technology we can provide retailers to make the customer journey as smooth as possible?”

Google Shopping Success:

  • 300% Growth in participating sellers
  • 20% y/y traffic growth
  • 1 Billion products listed

Delivering a relevant shopping experience:

  • When words aren’t enough, visually similar results
  • Product Listing Ads across devices
  • Product cards for Android devices-more fluid
  • Connecting users to inventory available in local stores

Creating new opportunities:

  • Trusted Stores to improve buyer confidence; includes rating
  • Search as You Type on your own site–just embed javascript in search box to launch
  • Google Shopping Express–retailer front and centre with local brands and courier service;
    • Retailer owns the consumer
    • Not just for large retailers-small businesses too

Making the most of Google Shopping:

  • Invest in Data-the cleaner the data the more opportunities you’ll find
  • Better together: PLA + Text
  • We’re always testing, you should too –
    • Always looking for retailers to collaborate with…Search as You Type came out of a collaboration with a retailer
    • To collaborate w/ Google–let your account member at Google or ChannelAdvisor know

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