Last-Minute Social Tips for the Holidays

November 25, 2015

Digital Marketing Bradley Hearn By Bradley Hearn

Are you ready? It’s here. The holiday shopping season is officially in full force.

While the e-commerce intensity heats up, it’s important for retailers and branded manufacturers not to underestimate the power of social media. Millions of shoppers will be turning to their social media feeds for holiday inspiration and recommendations throughout the next month or so.

Below, we’ve compiled a few common-sense tips to keep in mind as you connect with your customers on social in the weeks ahead.

1. Change your point of view

It’s important to understand that consumers behave differently during the holidays. Instead of browsing primarily for themselves, as they do throughout the year, they’re probably shopping for others. This affects how you speak to them. You may adjust your wording to say things like “A Great Gift for Dad” or “For the College Student Who Has Everything.” Put yourself in the shoes of someone shopping for someone else. The small changes in your language can have a large impact.

Your social pages will probably also see a temporary uptick in traffic from new customers stopping by to check out your products. These customers might not be your traditional demographic. They are those shoppers who are looking for others and want to swing by your social channels to get a sense of your brand. Often times, they are just looking for reassurance that your customers are happy and they’ll be making a good choice for their friend or loved one. First impressions are important, so make sure your page is inviting to those newcomers.

2. Interact with your customers

Social media allows you to interact with shoppers and customers in a very direct and immediate way. So be sure to take a multipronged approach and not just focus on sales. Customers will quickly grow weary of a firehose of self-promotion. Nobody likes to talk to that person at the party who just goes on and on about themselves the whole time. So don’t just rattle on about how great your products are all day, every day. Interact with your customer base.

Comment on their photos and posts. Respond to feedback. Be helpful and fun. Basically, stay connected and engage with your network. You’ll build your brand and cultivate a more active and loyal customer base that will come back during those slower months.

3. Communicate fast shipping for last-minute shoppers

Social is also a great way to get quick, last-minute reminders about other important product information. Specifically, shipping. Shoppers have come to expect fast, free shipping, so make sure you send out little reminders when, say, the last day of free shipping is approaching. Maybe that’s a week before Christmas. Maybe it’s two weeks. Let them know the last day they can order to have guaranteed delivery by Christmas. The best possible policy is transparency, and social media is the quickest and easiest way to stay transparent with your customers so they are informed and happy.


Need more? Still feeling anti-social? Check out the tip sheet, 6 Tips for Stronger Social Media Strategies This Holiday Season, for more ways you can maximize your social presence in the weeks and months ahead.