Introducing the ChannelAdvisor Facebook UK Commerce Index!

June 3, 2011

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

This month we’re excited to debut the UK version of our Facebook Commerce Index. Similar to its US-equivalent, this will be published once a month along with some of our commentary about the various strategies we see being employed by UK retailers to increase their fan base on Facebook.

Let’s start by looking at what we see at a macro level:

Audience – The total fan count of the top 25 retailers shown below is 7.1m. We’ll keep an eye on that number of the coming months in order to give us a feel for how overall ‘fan count’ is growing amongst UK retailers. In the US we’re seeing approx 8% monthly growth, with the top 25 US retailers attracting approx. 116m fans.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 25 UK retailers, by total fan count.

FBCI UK May 2011 Top 25


Top Shop is really blazing a trail in the UK – with almost 50% more fans than New Look in 2nd place. But both New Look and River Island are also doing well with 50% more fans than ASOS in 4th spot.

Also, it’s interesting to note that all of the top 6 and a total of 13 in the top 25 are apparel / fashion retailers. It’s clearly proving to be easier to engage fans around the fashion brands. We see a similar trend in our US index.

Top Growers

Now – let’s move on and look at some growth stats. Overall we’re currently tracking over 100 top UK retailers and we’re adding more to the index every day, so we’re also able to track and share with you the fastest growers – both in absolute fan count as well as a percentage of existing fan base. Next month we’ll publish tables for both these metrics, but for this first month I just want to highlight a few ‘notables’!

On average, we saw a fan growth rate of approximately 16% amongst the UK retailers we’re tracking, but a few companies achieved a much higher number.

Jessops grew at 135% this month, albeit on a relatively small base of 944 fans. It looks like they were running a Facebook-only competition called ‘My Perfect Moment’ in which people were invited to submit a photographs of their, well, perfect moment….!

Chemist Direct, Screwfix, Molton Brown and Sports Direct all grew at a well-above-average growth rate of >40%. Chemist Direct is a ChannelAdvisor customer and Top 100 UK retailer according to the recently published Internet Retailing EU300 list. They ran a competition in conjunction with Low Cost Holidays which gave them on its own a 40% boost in fans.

In terms of absolute fan growth, Top Shop, ASOS, River Island and Marks and Spencer all added over 50,000 fans in one month – it will be interesting to check back next month and see if they were able to maintain this level of new fan addition on an ongoing basis.


We hope you found this UK index useful and it gives you a few ideas (and targets) for your own Facebook commerce strategy for the coming month. As mentioned previously, we’ll be expanding our monthly reports to include Top Growers by fan count and Top Grower by percentage as we gather more information. We’d love to get your feedback and comments – let us know what has worked for your business and, who knows, maybe next month you’ll be one of our top growers!