I’ll See Your Bid Rules, and Raise You an Additional Tool…

November 23, 2011

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

By now you’ve probably heard about enhanced CPC, or eCPC bidding from AdWords. You’re probably also completely confused by Conversion optimiser, Automatic Bidding, CPC bidding, eCPC bidding, target CPO, max CPO and so on.

Being entirely retail focused, the ChannelAdvisor Paid Search team is always up for testing new bidding formats, especially when they play nicely with our own Bid Rules.

So far we’ve seen very nice results from enhanced CPC bidding, which adjusts the CPC in real time, considering factors such as the users actual search query, location, time of day, etc.

For four large customers, average cost per acquisition has decreased 7%. Conversion rate has increased by 10.58% while overall conversions have increased by 1.8%. We’ve seen significantly better performance in US campaigns than in UK campaigns where we have seen an increase in cost per acquisition and a decrease in conversion rate.

VegetablesWe’ve seen eCPC work best on campaigns that were already pretty successful. By using ChannelAdvisor bid rules, we’ve refined our keyword list to favor those keywords that have a history of performing within our ROI goals. It’s like the extra vitamin supplement on top of an already good diet for our keywords.

To set up bid rules for your accounts, visit our SSC article here:


After you’ve let our bid rules do the heavy lifting for several weeks, consider enabling Google’s Enhanced CPC bidding in your campaign settings:

Enhanced CPC
Happy Bidding!

Blog post by Jackie Jenkins, Global Manager, Search Services