How Mobile Are You This Holiday Season?

December 2, 2015

Digital Marketing Bradley Hearn By Bradley Hearn

The “m” word: mobile. You’ve been hearing about it for years. But the age of mobile may indeed be here. According to recent ChannelAdvisor data, mobile traffic accounted for over 60% of all traffic during the Cyber Five weekend and 40% of all orders — a significant jump from a year ago.

Some retailers and brands have procrastinated in recent years and relied on their traditional desktop traffic to get them through. But there’s no denying the effect mobile is having on e-commerce. With the holiday season is full swing, we want you to be prepared.

Here, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you keep up with the onslaught of mobile holiday shoppers this year.

  1. Get Social

With lots of people using social media on their phones and tablets, social and mobile have become a complementary pair. What does this mean for you? More opportunity to interact with your customers — and convert them — via social. For instance, consider using Facebook dynamic product ads to capture some of the site’s huge user base. Dynamic product ads target shoppers with specific ad content based on their actions on your website. Besides Facebook, Twitter’s Product Cards and #AmazonCart offer ways to get your products seen (and purchased) by Twitter users.

  1. Explore Your Site as a Visitor

Do an experiment and visit your site as if you were arriving there for the first time. Pretend you’re searching for something specific, and then see how easy it is (or isn’t) to find your way around the site. Pay attention to where your customer service and click-to-call information are located, and note how logical your navigation menu is. If you were a shopper, what would you find frustrating? What would make you leave the site? Once you find your problem areas, focus on anything you can address easily and quickly, then build out a long-term plan to fix the rest.

  1. Allow Guest Checkout

It’s probably happened to you as a shopper. You’re on your phone, about to make a purchase, when you get to the checkout page and realize you need to enter in your personal details — all via your phone’s tiny keyboard. Understandably, this is a leading cause of shopping cart abandonment. So what do you do to keep your shoppers from leaving? One solution is to offer them the option of registering on your site after they’ve completed the checkout process, or to proceed through checkout as a guest. In general, aim to make the checkout process a fast one by cutting steps. Allow customers to enter their address once for both shipping and billing. Another idea: Remove the Card Type field. The first numbers of a credit card number show which type of card it is anyway. Keep your eye out for any tweak that can shave seconds off the process — they add up fast.

Need more? Are your mobile strategies still feeling sluggish? Check out our tip sheet, 8 Ways to Convert Mobile Shoppers This Holiday Season, for five more tips on how to maximize your market share on mobile this holiday season.