Have You Heard? ChannelAdvisor Now Supports eBay Promoted Listings

September 25, 2016

Digital Marketing Anna Torres By Anna Torres

If you sell online, you know how important search results are. Everyone wants to be on top. It’s a competitive world out there and getting in front of your target consumers is more important than ever. Throw in an omnichannel e-commerce strategy (of course you’ve already implemented that!) and all of a sudden you’re managing a multitude of advertising and awareness campaigns. It can get complicated, fast.

Cue eBay’s latest solution to make it easier for sellers to get down to what matters — getting more of their listings in front of more of the right consumers.

In May 2015, eBay introduced promoted listings to boost item visibility by putting sellers’ relevant merchandise in front of buyers who are actively searching and shopping for those products.

This service displays seller listings in highly visible placements on a unique cost-per-sale model that’s intended to help sellers increase sales velocity. With this new cost model, sellers bid for placement based on the final sale price of the product being advertised (from 1 to 20%) and only pay when there’s a sale. This is different than the traditional cost-per-click model that most advertising programs utilize. Ads may appear in prominent locations based on several factors, which includes a seller’s ad rate and how relevant the item is to a buyer’s search.

[embedyt] //www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1Qz2GXc014[/embedyt]

As a long-time partner of eBay, we’re excited to announce that ChannelAdvisor is the first e-commerce solution provider to support eBay promoted listings! With this first-to-market support, ChannelAdvisor customers can efficiently create and manage promoted listing campaigns to deliver ads for products that are tailored to a buyer’s search.

ChannelAdvisor’s support of this functionality essentially allows sellers to “set it and forget it.” With our filter functionality, retailers can scale their promoted listing integration to control which products are part of an eBay campaign and assign more  products to each campaign. Our filters automatically add or remove products that meet the criteria a seller sets.

We recommend using promoted listings when trying to:
       •  Boost item visibility
       •  Jumpstart new item rankings
       •  Raise brand awareness

And obviously, promoted listings is a great tool to utilize during the competitive holiday season (that’s already upon us, by the way).

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