Google’s “Automated Match”

March 14, 2008

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor


As of 2/28/2008 Google rolled out an “Automated Match” beta that has been released with mixed reactions.  The new Automated Match will take your existing list of keywords and matches it to user queries that Google feels are relevant to your ads.  The goal of this feature is to help advertisers use 100% of their budgets, so the beta is being released to only a select group of advertisers who have Campaigns that are considerably underfunded.  Google does allow advertisers to opt out of this feature through the Campaign Settings option in the Adwords Interface.

We currently have a several CAManaged (ChannelAdvisor’s Full Service Search Offering) clients that were selected for this beta. We are currently running a controlled test to measure it’s effectiveness. Results for this test will be posted to this blog when they are available.

Like everything else in Paid Search, we definitely recommend testing this on your account (as it becomes available) and let the data tell you whether it helps or hurts your campaigns.

written by Andrew Belsky — andrew.belsky at