Google Shopping: How to Use Data, Not Your Gut

June 2, 2015

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Ever find yourself stuck trying to decide which variation of a product image to use for your Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs)? Side view or an angled view of the product? Hmm, what about a front view? You can choose only one image, but which will it be? The pressure is on.

As you spend more and more time contemplating, you start to feel foolish. Does a product image really matter this much?

The answer is yes.

Picking your PLA image isn’t a vanity decision, such as debating which Instagram filter makes your smartphone photo look the most polished. You’re dealing with actual money here — your business’s budget and potential profit. It sounds silly, but — depending on the product and the target audience — a side view versus an angled view can make all the difference in conversion rates.

So what do you do — go with your gut instinct and hope for the best?

The fact of the matter is simple. You need to stop guessing when it comes to your Google Shopping campaigns and base your decisions on actual data.

ChannelAdvisor’s enhanced support for Google’s Shopping campaigns can help retailers like you accomplish just that.

product image testerNew Features

Our new Google Shopping features include the new Product Image A/B Tester [illustrated to the left], which gives you the ability to test the performance of product images in PLAs. We’re also introducing an improved dashboard for better managing Shopping campaigns in the ChannelAdvisor platform.

By giving retailers the ability to test multiple images for a product and see which has the best-performing click-through rate, we’re helping our customers increase return on ad spend and use data, not guesswork, to power their Shopping campaigns.

Our Approach: The 4C’s of Google Shopping

We think that most retailers are limiting the profitability of their Shopping campaigns with solutions that offer only partial support. We close the loop with what we call complete “4C” support for every component of Google Shopping.

  1. Content: Our feed-management capabilities help you optimize your Google Shopping content to increase return on ad spend.
  2. Campaign Structure: Once your feed is in order, our Product Group Generator automatically configures your Shopping campaign structure so you can manage multiple campaigns from one user interface.
  3. Correct Bidding: Our Automated Bid Manager helps you assign bids to the correct product so each bid aligns with your revenue goals.
  4. Cross-Channel Analytics: Our Actionable Reporting feature improves your multichannel strategies by tracking how Shopping campaigns influence sales on the rest of your channels, such as Amazon and other marketplaces, paid search text ads, social sites and more.

The 4C’s: The Benefits

ChannelAdvisor’s complete 4C support for Google Shopping helps you increase ROI, save time and gain insight into the health of your campaigns.


With a channel as important as Google Shopping, you need to know that what you’re doing is going to work. And it’s vital to the future of your business to have the insights, options and flexibility to scale the way you want.

Want more information on these new features or how you can improve your existing Shopping campaigns? If you happen to be at IRCE, taking place June 2-5, ChannelAdvisor experts are available at booth 501.

Didn’t make it out to Chicago? Then view our on-demand webinar to learn more about our Google Shopping features.


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor