Google Product Search Webinar next week – how to counter the severe drop in traffic to GPSc

July 15, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

In mid-June, Google made some changes that have caused traffic from GPS to plummet 60%+ for merchants in the UK and around 30-40% for those in the USA.

Due to the flood of inbound calls and queries we’ve received from retailers who saw their GPS traffic literally drop off a cliff, we’ve been doing some deep-dive analysis of what’s going on and strategies to counter the drop.
We decided that this information is important enough that we wanted to open it up to all retailers so we’re hosting a webinar next week – July 23rd @ 2pm ET.  In the webinar, we’ll go over the detailed internal and external data of what’s going on with GPS and offer 10 strategies to counter the changes Google is making.  Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets, but we hope to arm you with ‘silver pellets’ that used together can recover most if not all of the losses.
The details and sign-up for the webinar are located here.  There will be a recording for those unable to make it.