Google Keynote from Catalyst UK

April 22, 2008

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

This morning, Rob Swerling, head of commerce partnerships at Google UK, gave a great talk.  Rob drew an analogy to the off-line ‘off licence’ business (alcohol retailers) and compared that to online.  He specifically mentioned one called Thresher’s which is popular in the UK.

The off licence retailer in the UK focuses on four things:

  1. velocity
  2. visibility
  3. value
  4. variation
  • Velocity – make it easy
  • Visibility – don’t suprise your customers
    • No hidden charges

He tied this to google checkout and the ability to accelerate/streamline the process.

He talked about Google Analytics and Google Website optimiser as ways to increase the velocity and visibility of items.  Threshens does lots of testing of pricing, special offers, etc.

  • Value – offer great prices and also value the shopper’s time
  • Variation – consumers love selection

During the Q+A there were lots of questions about Google Product Search.  It’s my opinion based on what we saw in the US last Q4, that it’s very likely that Google will increase the visibility of Google Product Search in the UK this year.