Google Display Network Best Practices – Part 2

March 2, 2012

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Happy Friday! This is part two of the Display Network Best Practices article from yesterday. Below are additional tips to help you conquer Display Network advertising.

Part Two: Ad Copy, Frequency Capping and Optimization Tips

4. Ad Copy: If you are contextually targeting, text ads on the Display Network can function correctly with Keyword Insertion. The keyword that most closely matches the theme of the page will be inserted into your ad.  If the theme cannot be determined, the system will use your default ad text. Similar to Keyword Insertion on the Search Network, I would recommend including one ad without Keyword Insertion and comparing performance of the two.

If you’re using Display or Image ads, remember that your ad typically needs to outbid four text ads that would take the same amount of space on the page, so you should plan to bid higher. I find that increasing your maximum cost per click by approximately 70% is usually enough to get impressions on similar sites with your image ad variations. In any case, keeping consistent messaging between text and display ads, and having that messaging mirror the language in other advertising channels, will resonate with customers. Remarketing campaigns should include a promotional code or offering to urge customers to return to the site and complete their purchases.

5. Frequency Capping: Under campaign settings, you can cap the number of times a unique user sees your ads on the Display Network. This is especially important for Remarketing campaigns or when customers are sensitive to being overstimulated by your message.  You can set the cap on impressions per day, week or month at the campaign, ad group or ad level. This means you could limit the number of times per month a unique user sees a particular ad. In order to keep reaching users with unique content you want to make sure you have a wide variety of ads within the ad group to show those users.

Display network part 2

6. Display Network Optimization Tips: General tips for optimising your Display Network campaigns include managing bids for placements where you’ve received acceptable ROI, keeping ad text fresh and relevant to the theme of the ad group and using the exclusion tools to exclude sites, topics and keyword themes. As with any pay per click campaign, bid optimization also plays a role.

When you find sites where your ads perform well, you can adjust the bids for clicks when your ads appear on those sites by adding placement level bids. This will increase the likelihood that your ads will win auctions on these sites more frequently. By changing your ad text and using all available ad formats, you will increase the chances that your ads will be noticed. Remember, a main obstacle on the Display Network is actually grabbing the attention of someone engaged in the content on the page.

Display network part 2-2

Using negative keywords on the Display Network performs similarly to using negative keywords on the Search Network. A negative keyword tells the AdWords system that you do not want your ads to show if the theme of the page is matched to that keyword. Site exclusion prevents your ads from showing on a specific site, and category exclusion will prevent your ads from showing on sites matched to topics and site types. Be sure you have data behind your decisions to exclude categories. Many advertisers assume that parked domains could not perform well, only to discover they have great ROI!

Lastly, be aware that bidding may impact Display Network campaigns more substantially than on the Search Network. This is because by raising your bids, you may begin to show on a whole new set of sites. Sometimes raising bids on a poor ROI campaign, while restricting the specific sites that are not performing well, will improve ROI. This is because you can win auctions on a new set of sites, potentially ones that have more competition but drive “higher” quality traffic.

I hope this article provided you with the information you need to test the waters in the Display Network. With the right planning, the Display Network can prove to be an impressive compliment to well structured Search campaigns and an important tool for retail focused pay per click advertisers. Tools for creating a Display Network campaigns will be discussed in another post early next week.

Blog post by Jackie Jenkins, Global Manager, Search Services