February 2012 ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index (FBCI)

March 29, 2012

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

This February marks the one year anniversary of the ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index. We’ve progressively watched fan counts grow over the past 12 months and last month marked the addition of 25 million fans for our Top 25 retailers.

Be sure to download the full February 2012 FBCI for a year’s worth of highlights and trends as well as the February charts and full analysis. For now, here is a brief summary.

For the first time in six months, a new retailer has joined the Top 25 ranks – Apple Inc. Claiming spots on all three charts, Apple attracted fans in a way never seen before in our social engagement analysis. Additionally, we’ll take a look at how Nike, Walmart, Blinds.com and Nine West continue to gain Likes in droves.


Apple can create buzz unlike any other company. With the recent release of the new iPad, it wasn’t a surprise to see the company climb the social charts of this month’s Facebook Commerce Index. But, the Apple Inc. Facebook page is mostly bare. There is one image of the Apple logo. There are five posts to its wall, all of which are informational. There is no fan engagement whatsoever.

Is Apple SO popular that it doesn’t even have to engage consumers to be Liked?

Apple FB image


Moving up the Top 25 chart by three spots, Nike increased its fan count by 24% in February. Nike attracted fans to its Facebook page through promotions celebrating February as Black History Month.  Knowing its customers are sports fans, Nike engaged fans by creating a product line specifically for this promotion. Using the hash tag #UPLIFT, Nike encouraged followers to look beyond skin colour and honoured past sporting events that united people across cultures and countries.

Nike FB image

Nine West

Nine West made a point to reward its new fans by giving away prizes for reaching its fan goals. Showing appreciation for social followers proves to be fruitful, time and time again.

Nine West FB Pic

All the details for the past month, along with a year’s worth of fan engagement analysis can be found in the full edition — download the February 2012 Facebook Commerce Index now!