Facebook, Instagram Advertising Tips for E-Commerce Sellers (Updated for 2019)

November 11, 2019

Digital Marketing By Bradley Hearn

A lot has changed since ChannelAdvisor published the first edition of our Essential Guide to Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

Signature Canvas Ads were reimagined as Instant Experiences, videos became a big differentiator and Shoppable tags gave way to Checkout on Instagram — a brand new feature that takes the mobile shopping experience to a whole new level.

Yet for all that’s changed, one constant has remained steady.

Facebook and Instagram are still two of the best advertising channels for e-commerce sellers:

The potential for reaching purchase-ready consumers by advertising on these channels is tremendous. The only problem? The competition is fierce. Facebook is up to 7 million active advertisers, and ad spending on Instagram has been rising at a year-over-year rate of 177%.

Now more than ever, you need to build advertising campaigns based on proven strategies. We’re not talking about basic checklists and how-to guides. What you need are best practices and tips specifically for e-commerce sellers. 

For example…

When creating ads in stories, do you split your story into scenes? According to Instagram, the highest-performing stories ads leverage a sequence of short scenes and quick messages that work together to convey a full narrative.

When using Facebook Messenger, do you tend to repeat the same style of advertising? A much better bet is to experiment with Messenger-only sales and Sponsored messages, or to integrate other ad formats and guide people further down the path to purchase.

When tagging products on Instagram, do you send consumers to your mobile site? Or have you applied for Checkout on Instagram to see if you’re eligible to allow purchases within Instagram itself? 

These are just a few of the dozens of takeaways and tips in our newly updated eBook from the e-commerce experts at ChannelAdvisor.

Creating a successful Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy may not be a walk in the park. But you may be surprised how even a handful of best practices can help companies sprint toward more conversions, sales and revenue.

Ready to get started? Download your complimentary copy of our Essential Guide to Facebook & Instagram Advertising for inspiring success stories, industry-specific tips and suggestions on the best formats for e-commerce sellers.


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