E-Commerce and Google Panda: (Great) Content Is King

July 8, 2011

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Us-wp-google-panda Beginning in February and going through June, Google updated its ranking algorithms, resulting in immediate and pronounced changes to natural search results. Dubbed “Panda,” after the last name of the lead engineer, this update was released with the primary goal of reducing the prominence of content farms and duplicate content. Retailers were not the target of the updates, but since as much as 12% of all webpages were affected, retailers need to be aware of the changes and how it may have impacted them.

In a new eBook, I’ve investigated and described what the Panda update is. In addition, there are 9 retailer-focused tips for improving your Google rankings including:

  • Create Original Product Text
  • Don’t Give Away Content
  • Put Original Content on High Traffic Pages
  • Focus on Impact Pages
  • … and 5 more

We want to make sure retailers understand these changes and are able to maximise natural search to drive revenue. Click the link, Breaking Down Google’s Panda Release, to download a free copy.


Posted by Jason James, Paid Search Product Manager