Drive Brand Growth with Amazon Sponsored Brands Through the ChannelAdvisor Platform

May 23, 2019

Digital Marketing Bradley Hearn By Alison Held

ChannelAdvisor is excited to announce that we now support Sponsored Brands campaign creation and management using the Amazon Advertising API. This functionality will be available to all sellers and vendors.

Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) is a powerful advertising option for sellers and vendors enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. These cost-per-click ads feature a customized design, a headline (think about your brand’s differentiating factor), your logo and a few product offerings.

The ad program is a powerful complement to the popular Sponsored Products program, as the Amazon results page continues to grow more competitive and more brands jockey for position.  

Why use Sponsored Brands?

For sellers and vendors, Sponsored Brands helps customers on Amazon discover and engage with your brand as they research on Amazon. These shoppers may be early in their buying cycle and still unfamiliar with your brand.

With premium placement and multiple product offerings, Sponsored Brands increases your presence in the search results and helps you drive more brand awareness by showing up in multiple prominent placements on the top, left and bottom of the search results.

These ads can also drive traffic directly to your Amazon Store, where you curate the shopper’s experience and are able to upsell, cross-sell or drive more customer loyalty.

How does ChannelAdvisor support Sponsored Brands?

Amazon advertisers that use ChannelAdvisor can now create Sponsored Brands campaigns alongside Sponsored Products in the platform, reducing the time spent creating campaigns and achieving better performance.

Within the ChannelAdvisor interface, users can:

1) Easily create and edit Sponsored Brands campaign details.

From choosing the right creative and copy to refining and adding keywords, all campaign activities can now be managed directly in ChannelAdvisor. Use the Smart Select options to choose the right products for your Sponsored Brands campaigns.

2) Aggregate performance information to refine your campaigns.

See how your Sponsored Brands campaigns are performing, so you know where and how to optimize bidding and product selection.

3) Automate bidding actions.

Use ChannelAdvisor’s automated bidding technology to choose the right bid for your keywords based on performance thresholds that meet your business goals.

Take a holistic approach to your advertising. From a single location.

To cover the most advertising real estate on Amazon, it’s important to use all the tools available to you. Whether you’re a vendor (i.e., selling first party) or a seller (i.e., selling third party via Seller Central), using both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands programs together increases your visibility, brand recognition and opportunity for sales. (But remember, you can only use Sponsored Brands if you’re the registered brand of a product.)

Each ad type has different strategies, reports and conversion rates. Get to know them — as well as the variations within each ad type — and find out what works for your products.

With ChannelAdvisor’s support for Sponsored Brands within our platform, you can now execute and test more of your marketing, selling and fulfilling strategies all within a single interface.

Not sure if you’re making the most of your Amazon Advertising account? Request a Complimentary Advertising Analysis today and let our team of digital marketing experts take a look and let you know what you could be doing better.

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If you’re a ChannelAdvisor customer and want to know more about how to get started with Sponsored Brands in the ChannelAdvisor platform, contact your account manager today.

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