Cyber Monday Tip 11: Minimize Ad Copy Changes This Weekend

November 25, 2011

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Happy Black Friday! The official holiday season is being welcomed by shoppers all across America at brick-and-mortar stores and online, as indicated by our early holiday same-store sales reports, and most retailers are feeling the rush of traffic today.

We’re within 72 hours of Cyber Monday, which means, for the most part, you should be adding the final touches and adjustments to your holiday selling strategy, especially your paid search campaigns. If you’re going to make any last minute ad copy changes, do so today, and refrain from making more changes throughout the weekend. When you make ad copy changes, you lose quality score, ad position and possibly revenue.

To see an example, take a look at the graphs below. The click-through rate and ad position were fairly consistent day over day until a weekend where this particular retailer rolled out and adjusted ads, which was followed by a decline on in both click-through rate and ad position.

Blog- clickthru and ad position charts

Holiday promotions and sales require ad copy changes, but as you can see, making too many can hurt your visibility. Don’t make this costly mistake!

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Blog post by Natalie Sink, ChannelAdvisor Communications Assistant