Cyber Monday Tip 10: Ensure your Landing Pages are Consistent with Your Ads

November 24, 2011

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Happy Thanksgiving!  This marks the official kick-off of the Cyber 5!

We’ve got a few last tips that could have a significant effect in ramping up sales throughout the weekend and on into Monday.

If you’re running a Paid Search Ad campaign this weekend for a specific offer, promotion or hot product, there are several quick, minor adjustments you can make to increase your conversion rate.

First, check your headlines to make sure your messaging is clear and conveys value. Include detailed headlines like, “Cyber Monday Sale—Save 50% Through Midnight,” and make the most of additional ad text with phrases that will appeal to buyers’ gift-giving sentiment, such as “trendy gifts for him,” and “perfect stocking stuffer.”

Second, ensure shoppers a cohesive experience by creating landing pages consistent with ad theme and text. If you don’t have time to create specific landing pages for each of your special holiday products and promotions, create a single Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales landing page. Sending traffic there, rather than your homepage, helps enhance the overall experience and will drive customers further and faster down the purchase funnel.

REI Google Paid Search Ad

REI Gifts for her example
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Blog post by Natalie Sink, ChannelAdvisor Communications Assistant