Commerce Cast: How REI Engages New Adventure Enthusiasts

October 10, 2018

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Ever wonder how outdoor retailer REI manages to sustain hugely popular marketing initiatives and connections with its customers? ChannelAdvisor went in search of the answer.  In our latest 12-minute Commerce Cast episode, we sat down with REI’s Marketing Program Manager Robert Dawson for insights into the online retailer’s success

In this episode, you’ll hear more about REI’s decision back in November 2015 to do something truly disruptive in the e-commerce industry: The outdoor retailer closed its stores and gave 12,000 employees the day off. On Black Friday. One of THE biggest shopping holidays of the year.

They hiked. They climbed. They ran. Employees did pretty much everything under the sun — except process orders, field customer calls and manage holiday promotions.

It was a bold, risky marketing move. And it worked. Why? Because REI knows how to engage with its customers and create intentional moments of inspiration.

Now that the retailer is preparing for year four of what’s become a massively popular #OptOutside movement, our e-commerce experts are truly intrigued. In an industry that’s changing rapidly, it can be difficult to keep pace, let alone innovate, yet REI has developed an uncharacteristically durable customer engagement strategy.

In this 12-minute episode, you’ll hear how the retailer:

  • Uses data feeds to ensure consistent messaging
  • Leverages paid and organic advertising to increase visibility
  • Connects with consumers on Google, Facebook, and other channels
  • Continually builds on its 80-year co-op to increase engagement
  • And more!

Listen to the full episode below — 


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