Channel Advice Episode 3: Maximizing Performance With Facebook’s Dynamic & Carousel Ads

March 23, 2017

Digital Marketing Anna Torres By Anna Torres


Welcome back to Channel Advice, a video series geared toward answering your most pressing e-commerce questions in bite-sized clips (lunch and learn anyone?)

As most of you know by now, Facebook made some updates to its ad offerings this past year. Its dynamic ads program got a facelift, and the introduction of the carousel ad format gave advertisers more space to deliver their message to consumers thanks to its multi-photo layout.  

Pretty cool right? As it turns out, a lot of you are eager to start using Facebook and Instagram’s new ad offerings to get your products in front of the right audiences and grow your business, so this week we’ve got Digital Marketing Product Manager Valerie Anders answering a question that’s been popping up quite a bit in our inbox lately:

“How do I maximize my performance on Facebook with Dynamic and Carousel ads?”

In this installment of Channel Advice, Valerie runs through the top five best practices for success with Facebook ads.


  • Install a Facebook pixel. A properly-installed Facebook pixel will help with better targeting, tracking and optimization. Use Facebook’s pixel helper to make sure that your pixel is firing correctly.


  • Create your product sets carefully. Valerie suggests starting with broad themes, and eventually working your way to using custom labels for more advanced product sets.


  • Pay attention to your optimization settings. Do your ad sets align with your campaign goals? Keep in mind that what you’re optimizing for may not reflect how you’re bidding.


  • Use proper image sizes. General rule of thumb: don’t use images that are smaller than 600 x 600 pixels. Mobile has surpassed desktop usage on Facebook, meaning that high-quality images are more important than ever.


  • Layer your ad types. While carousel ads help you find new customers, dynamic ads use retargeting to capture people who are familiar with your brand/website/products. Use them together to ensure you’re covering all parts of the marketing funnel!

Make sure to watch the full video for more in-depth explanations and tips for executing these best practices for improving the performance of your Facebook ads.

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