CAPS in ad copy?

March 24, 2008

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All Caps in the Display URL – Does it make a difference?

I have a client that uses their brand name in all capital letters on their website. We tested to see if there would be an increase in CTR if we used all capital letters in their display URLs in their Adwords ads.

I ran a display URL test for a client in their most profitable campaign on all ad groups. I paused all but two Ad Creatives that were identical except for their display URLs. The first display URL was in lowercase, ex. The second display URL was in all capital letters, ex. Additionally, I set the ads to rotate evenly. After about a week, the lower case ads had a 10.98% CTR and the all caps ads had a 9.81% CTR.

So our test showed that aligning the all capitalization branding did not have a large impact. In my opinion, it is not worth affecting the quality score, so I am going to continue running the lower case ads because they had the higher CTR.

written by Erin Gordon — erin.gordon at