Can the Google User Experience Get Better?

March 10, 2008

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

The answer is yes and here is how:

Google recently announced that they will soon be taking page load times into consideration when assigning Quality Score for keyword minimum bids.  This is the next logical step in enhancing Quality Score, as we have seen in report after report that users (site visitors) have little to no patience once they click through on an AdWords ad.  If they land on a page and it takes too long to load, they abandon.  If they land on a page and do not see a connection between their keyword > the ad displayed > the landing page, they will abandon within seconds.

In the next several weeks, Google will be adding load time evaluations to the Keyword Analysis Page (the magnifying glass next to your keywords in the AdWords Interface) and then you will have one month to review your site and make necessary adjustments. This isn’t really that much time if you need to do some overhauling, but at least they are giving some sort of lead time.

SearchAdvisor Clients: The redirect that is used in SearchAdvisor was built with speed in mind and utilises very powerful hardware with high availability so it has a very minimal impact on page load times.

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written by Andrew Belsky — andrew.belsky at