Budgeting 101 for Google AdWords

May 14, 2008

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor


The other day we had a client ask a question about the Delivery Method section in Adwords Campaign Settings and which Delivery Method we prefer.  Here is the explanation of the two options directly from the Adwords Interface:

Budget Delivery Options
Choose either standard or accelerated delivery for your daily budget to determine how quickly your ads are shown each day.

  • Standard delivery distributes your budget throughout the day to avoid reaching your budget early on. Your ads will show periodically throughout the day.
  • Accelerated delivery displays your ads as often as possible until your daily budget is met.

In the past, we have seen great inaccuracies with the ‘View Recommended Budget’ feature in Google.  A lot of times when budgets are capping out, Google will say that the current budget is okay.  If this was working correctly, it should give an estimation on how much we should bump our budget up to so we do not cap out.  With that said, we recommend that for any Campaign that has an open budget, you should select the Accelerated option.  This way if Google’s budget estimator is wrong, your ad will be showing as often as possible, so the delivery will not be staggered throughout the day.

written by Andrew Belsky — andrew.belsky at channeladvisor.com