Bidding in an Enhanced World

March 7, 2013

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

As online marketers begin to understand the
Google logopotential impact of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, undoubtedly bidding will
surface as one of the areas most affected. Historically, segmenting by device
allowed for optimization by device and any other combination of levers that
showed statistical correlation. This often included day of week, time of day
and product category. Bid systems were created based on having granular data
and being able to control keyword level bids by device. 

As bid
tools grew in popularity, Google joined the party with Conversion optimiser
bidding and Enhanced CPC (eCPC) bidding at the campaign level. Both tools used
historical data as well as real-time data to tweak bids at time of auction
based on the likelihood of conversion. Things like time of day, day of week,
user location and device were taken into account and ads were bid to the
position most likely to convert, according to Google documentation.

mobile bid multipliers will exist only at the Campaign level and insight into device
at time of auction is information held only by Google. It feels very much like
we’re being asked to turn CPC bids over to Google, in addition to device
targeting. It stands to reason that if tablets and mobile performed terribly,
Google would lower the bids on those devices according to how their bid tools
work. However, we’re left wondering why we wouldn’t be given the control to
make that decision ourselves with a keyword level bid multiplier for mobile, or
the ability to opt out of tablet syndication.

I know eCPC and Conversion optimiser bidding are something we’ll be watching
closely after the June transitions, given that bidding by device will become
very laborious for any other bid tool.

Blog post by Jackie Jenkins, Product Manager, Paid Search

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