August 2011 ChannelAdvisor UK Facebook Commerce Index

September 19, 2011

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August ChannelAdvisor UK Facebook Commerce Index (UKFBCI)

Note: The ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index is a new way of tracking Facebook Commerce introduced by ChannelAdvisor in the US in February of 2011.  You can read the background information, schedule, etc. in this introductory post. The UK version was launched in May 2011.

August 2011 ChannelAdvisor UK Facebook Commerce Index

Welcome to the fourth monthly UK Facebook Commerce Index, which includes not only the Top 25 brands by number of fans, but also the Top 25 by growth (both as a %, and by actual fans).




This month sees little movement in the Top 25 – barring a couple of retailers switching places – and the focus has shifted to the movers and shakers in the growth charts. House of Fraser has seen a huge uplift in ‘fans’ (over 200%), conceivably as a result of their newly-overhauled and re-launched website; slick, current and stylish with bags of information over a great layout.  HoF have also been leveraging their blog for a couple of years now, so expect that to snowball…they may want to fix those broken archive links though.

Flower giants, Interflora, appear to have also found their Facebook feet and, whilst having a relatively small initial fanbase, have grown that figure by over 150% in the last month. Key drivers of that? Well, 10% off a flower purchase is always appealing, and Interflora have also embedded video, reviews, a customer poll and plenty of photos and information about their products, customers and events. Good job.

Kiddicare’s continued good form in the growth charts is indicative of what you can achieve if you have the resource and inclination to fully engage your customers/fans; not only does this baby retailer show exemplary customer service with speedy responses to questions and comments, but their star will shortly be shining offline too – as their Morrison mothership looks to incorporate in-store Kiddicare kiosks by the end of October.

Another mover in the percentage growth chart is – a ladies’ online fashion retailer, nominated across three different categories in the ‘Company Magazine High Street Fashion Awards 2011’ and a top ten-visited fashion website in 2010, according to Hitwise, they have seen a massive 46% growth in Facebook fans, taking them to just outside our top 25. Watch this space, folks…

As we move through the year, and monitor the usual website traffic charts – Hitwise, Nielsen, IMRG, Alexa et al – it’s certainly becoming more apparent that there’s generally a correlation between monthly visitors to a retailer’s website and their Facebook fan count. However, the disparity in some of the results we’ve seen so far clearly shows that many retailers are not pulling their weight on Facebook – either they don’t understand the opportunity, the mechanics behind a successful Facebook campaign, or they’re displaying breathtaking indifference toward multichannel marketing.

The good news is that more and more offline businesses are demonstrating a clearer understanding of the social arena – and those businesses are featuring more and more in our percentage growth chart above.

UK Facebook Commerce Index by Simon Besley, ChannelAdvisor Key Account Manager II