Are Your Ads Not Showing Up on

July 7, 2009

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

With launching the “decision engine” Bing came a big Bang…
popular TV commercials, increasing media attention, and of course, many questions.  One question I have from clients is why can’t
they seem to see their paid search advertisements show up for terms they
normally rank well for? There could be several factors affecting what you are
seeing on your computer. A system improvement that was implemented to enhance Bing’s
search algorithm included a feature that detects the likelihood of a particular
user clicking on ads based on their preferences, history and other quality
factors. This could affect advertisers not being able to verify that their own
ads are showing on Bing easily, due to their usage patterns or history.  Currently, you can pull an ad centre keyword
performance report to verify that your ads are being served. Also, in the near
future Bing has a planned improvement that would allow advertisers the functionality
to validate if your ad is serving and where(similar to the Google Ad Preview
tool).  I am sure we are going to
continue to see new functionality and buzz around Bing.

Written by Erin Gordon (erin.gordon at