April ChannelAdvisor UK Facebook Commerce Index (UKFBCI)

May 15, 2012

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Note: The ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index is a new way of tracking Facebook Commerce introduced by ChannelAdvisor in the US in February of 2011. You can read the background information, schedule, etc. in this introductory post. The UK version was launched in May 2011.

April 2012 ChannelAdvisor UK Facebook Commerce Index

The April UK Facebook Commerce Index has seen the stand-off for top position continue amongst the UK’s leading retailers. With over 1.2 million fans added to this month’s index, we have seen a surge in fans across the board!

New Look has topped the charts once again as the retailer to add the most Likes, with an increase of 153,572 fans throughout April. New Look has held this title for the past few months, a real endorsement to the success of its Facebook strategy.

However, it is Monster Pet Supplies who are the real success story of April, after increasing its fan count by 42%. Monster Pet Supplies has created a fun and engaging page that will put a smile on any animal lovers face! With competitions and themed pictures, the pet supplier has a fun strategy that will no-doubt be a real success story in the coming months.

Finally, the last notable addition to the UK Facebook Commerce Index has been eBay.co.uk. We have just added eBay to our Index and already the marketplace giant entered the Top 25, just above Amazon. With only 37,843 fans separating the two, this will be a battle to monitor over the coming months!

April Top 25

April Top Growers

April Top Growers by percent


Net-a-Porter, the luxury lifestyle brands site, has been a permanent fixture in our Top 25 since day one. Holding onto 7th place in our Top 25 for nearly a year, and with a very respectable 714,420 fans, Net-a-Porter is tantalisingly close to hitting that one million mark.

Comparing Net-a-Porter’s page to others in the fashion category, you can see a similar pattern emerging. Net-a-Porter keep its timeline clean and slick with its iconic black bag logo and classic images and photos, there are no postings from followers or customers with the exception of comments on photos.

Net a porter
Yet while we typically report on brands who have seen a large increase in Likes through competitions and special promotions, such as modelling opportunities or specific promotions,  Net-A-Porter’s success on Facebook seems to be driven solely by brand loyalty of its fashion-conscious followers. It does not rely on gimmicks or competitions, its approach is simply to share must-have items and trends from around the world – and perhaps most significantly while perhaps a large percentage of its 700,000 followers might not be able to spend many hundreds (or thousands!) of pounds on designer apparel, Net-a-Porter’s approach is to appeal to the fashionista in its followers, focussing on the beauty of an item and sharing a range of top trends. It’s less of a “buy me, buy me!” approach than we see with some other fashion brands, and the fact that Net-a-Porter often appear in our Top Growers charts (as they did this month adding close to 40,000 Likes), suggests this is a popular method with Net-a-Porter’s fan base.

Monster Pet Supplies 

Straight in at our number 1 growers spot (by percentage) this month is Monster Pet Supplies who added an (excuse the pun!) monster 42% additional Likes in the month of April. Monster Pet Supplies has without a doubt one of the brightest and bubbliest pages on Facebook, appealing to pet-owners and general animal lovers alike.

Over the month of April, Monster Pet Supplies ran a number of competitions which seems to be driving the increase in its fan-base, by encouraging followers to “Like and Share” various posts to win a variety of products – by keeping the number of competitions high and also having a regular prize draw on a Monday, Monster Pet Supplies are ensuring followers stay engaged and interested.

April was an ideal month to focus on rabbits, what with Easter, and one competition that seemed to draw particular focus was the Monster Easter Bunny Hunt, which incidentally was won by Harvey the rabbit:

Monster Pet Supplies

But it’s not just about the competitions. Monster Pet Supplies has worked hard to build up a community of animal-loving followers, and its page is friendly, engaging and fun. Products are promoted, but in a clever way – one of our particular favourites at ChannelAdvisor being the Chicken Gym – enjoy!

Monster Pet Supplies 2


As Interflora is one of the UK’s most recognisable brands, it was perhaps only a matter of time before its social media presence surged up our Index. Coming in at number 3 in our ‘Top Growers by %’ list – with a impressive 35% growth rate – Interflora has a somewhat unique advantage over many other retailers, in that there are outlets around the globe that bear the Interflora name, meaning that the increasing buzz of ‘local’ can be exploited on Facebook:


Interflora’s Facebook page is very engaging and visual. While Facebook’s recent shift to ‘Timeline’ has been a challenge to some retailers, Interflora is clearly thriving with the new format! Interflora maintains a fresh, image-rich Facebook page which is very enjoyable to browse. Discounts and competitions drive sales, while themed posts make the page up-to-date and relevant. Further, Interflora use Facebook as a customer services tool by responding to customer queries and complaints, which overall makes a varied and engaging user-experience.

InterFlora 2

Jack Wills

Hip young fashion retailer, Jack Wills, has made steady progress in the our Facebook Index, edging slightly higher this month to 16th place, with just shy of 377,000 fans – a rise of 7% on last month’s figures.

Something of a revelation on the high street since its 1999 arrival as a fledgling Devon-based store, the apparel retailer now has over 40 stores in the UK. With a burgeoning online business, , appealing to university students and school children with  its “preppy”  designs, Jack Wills has embraced its Facebook strategy with gusto!

Jack Wills

Taking a similar approach to other leading apparel retailers in our Index, Jack Wills heavily uses competitions, videos and fun posts to engage customers. Notably, Jack Wills has a wonderful grasp of its target market and it maintains a trendy page – a wise move as its target audience are some of Facebook’s heaviest users!

Jack Wills page has a real ‘outdoors’ feel and most of its posts revolve around summer trends, summer jobs and summer music. Our only criticism of Jack Wills’ page is that while content is fantastic, it is not updated as regularly as many of the other retailers in our Index. By increasing its number of posts, Jack Wills will no doubt see an even more dramatic increase in fans in the coming months!

Jack Wills 2

That’s it for the April Index, looking forward to next month’s edition, which is sure to include more exciting Facebook strategies!