April 2012 ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index (FBCI)

June 1, 2012

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Just like the weather outside, Amazon.com is heating up the social scene on Facebook. For the first time in FBCI history, Amazon.com made its way on the Top 25 chart. Not surprising for the number one online retailer, Amazon.com continues to master the art of omni-channel marketing.

As for accomplishments, Target received more than 65,000 Likes from one post. Yes, ONE post. Now, that is Target-ed engagement at its best! Similarly, HUGO BOSS successfully connected with its followers by heavily promoting its latest clothing line—something the fans were obviously very interested in seeing.


We were impressed with Amazon.com’s 633,000 new fans in March, but even more impressed with its 680,247 new fans in April!  Amazon.com continues to implement a successful social strategy, making our Top 25 list for the first time in FBCI history. It’s all about curated product promotion, and Amazon.com is becoming the expert in social marketing.

April FBCI image 1


Target jumped up four spots in April to reach the top of the Top Grower chart, adding 1.3 million new fans. But what really blew our minds—a single post received 65,299 Likes! Target is taking relevancy to a new level. The post focused on a National Princess Week promotion, which is clearly a significant interest of Target shoppers.

April FBCI image 2


Also on a roll, HUGO BOSS made its way up the Top Grower chart, jumping from the 24th position in March to the 7th position in April. Last month we reported Burberry’s success posting photos from its current fashion collections, and in April HUGO BOSS saw similar results from similar campaigns.

April FBCI image 3


Download the April 2012 Facebook Commerce Index for all the details  about how these retailers are getting their products in front of interested buyers on Facebook and to see the other most popular retailers on the social scene.

Going forward the Facebook Commerce Index will be published on a quarterly basis. Be on the lookout for our next edition the second week in July.

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